Tessa Tiger’s Temper Tantrum

Get fun activitiesTessa Tiger’s Temper Tantrum
by Barbara deRubertis; illustrated by R.W. Alley
Alphabet Letter Sounds / Letter T
Tessa Tiger likes to play sports–but NOT when she loses. She stomps and storms until her friends don’t want to play with her anymore. How can Tessa make T-ball fun again–for everyone?

Interest Level: Ages: 3–8
Trim size: 8.5” x 8.5” Pages: 32
Book features: Full-Color Illustrations, Activities Page

978-1-57565-353-2 Library Binding
978-1-57565-345-7 Paperback
978-1-57565-384-6 E-Book
978-1-57565-413-3 Audio CD

Praise for Tessa Tiger’s Temper Tantrum:
"Adventurous tale…entertaining story…delightful, expressive illustrations enhance the narrative of Sammy Skunk’s Super Sniffer and all other volumes of Alpha Betty."—Midwest Book Review (for books S-Z in Animal Antics A to Z)

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