Dear Teacher,

As an educator, you are challenged constantly to engage and motivate your students–not always an easy task. One tried and true method is to demonstrate how what they are learning in school relates to their everyday lives. Kane Press titles will help you make that connection.

Each of our fiction titles tells a story in which a young character is faced with an intriguing dilemma that needs to be solved. Why is the dog green? Can a kid detective figure out what’s making her pet piglet sick? Our nonfiction titles breathe new life into history and show its relevance to kids’ lives today. How did Abe Lincoln’s childhood shape the person he grew up to be?

Our books portray relatable and diverse characters who exhibit positive behavior traits. Story characters use strategies and skills that cut across all content areas. End-of-the-book and online activities offer students a chance to apply these skills in a new and fun way. And our CCSS correlations make it easier for you to integrate the Common Core into your lesson plans.

Kane Press offers a variety of series that specifically:

It is our hope that Kane Press books will assist you in your efforts to motivate students and help them discover that in the world around them there is always something new to investigate and something exciting to explore.


Joanne E. Kane