Take Me to Your Weeder

#3 Take Me to Your Weeder by Kimberly Morris; illustrated by Jessica Warrick Character trait: Responsibility Everybody loves the class vegetable garden—except Jack. He doesn’t want to pick beans. He doesn’t even want to take care of the class hamster … Continue reading


Stressbusters by Nan Walker; illustrated by Amy Wummer Economics/Producers & Consumers The school fair is only days away, and stressed-out Emma needs a super-fabulous, amazingly original idea for her booth! Suggested Ages: 6-8 Interest Level: Grades 1-3 Trim size: 6 … Continue reading

Pet Peeves

Pet Peeves by Sarah Willson; illustrated by John Nez Economics/Free Enterprise Dennis has a great idea for making money. But it won’t work unless he can get his bossy big brother to help out. That’s no easy job! Suggested Ages: … Continue reading

The Messiest Room on the Planet

The Messiest Room on the Planet by Monica Kulling & Nan Walker; illustrated by Jerry Smath Time & Change/Sequencing Events Jon’s room is a real mess. So when Lucas hears about a contest to turn “The Messiest Room on the … Continue reading

Mac and the Messmaker

Mac and the Messmaker by Iris Hudson; illustrated by Jerry Smath Civics/Participation Mac gets carried away with his new job as Cleanup Captain. Will his classmates speak up before it’s too late? Suggested Ages: 5-7 Interest Level: Grades K-2 Trim … Continue reading

Lila the Fair

Lila the Fair by Laura Driscoll; illustrated by Blanche Sims Civics/Conflict Resolution Lila’s sisters bicker at home. Her classmates argue at school. Can’t everyone just get along? If Lila the Fair has anything to say about it, they will! Suggested … Continue reading

Keesha’s Bright Idea

Keesha’s Bright Idea by Eleanor May; illustrated by Amy Wummer Environment/Saving Energy Uh-oh. Eddie‘s little sister gets a “bright idea” just days before the Battle of the Bands. Now Eddie has to write a new song, practice with his band, … Continue reading

Carl the Complainer

Carl the Complainer by Michelle Knudsen; illustrated by Maryann Cocca-Leffler Civics/Petitions Carl complains about everything–until he discovers how to turn complaints into action! Suggested Ages: 6-8 Interest Level: Grades 1-3 Trim size: 6 1/2” x 9” Pages: 32 Book features: … Continue reading

Kitten Castle

Kitten Castle by Mel Friedman & Ellen Weiss; illustrated by Lynn Adams Geometry/3-D Shapes Four newborn kittens are creating havoc at Anna’s house. How can she convince her dad to let her keep them? Will a “kitten castle” be the … Continue reading