Take Me to Your Weeder

#3 Take Me to Your Weeder by Kimberly Morris; illustrated by Jessica Warrick Character trait: Responsibility Everybody loves the class vegetable garden—except Jack. He doesn’t want to pick beans. He doesn’t even want to take care of the class hamster … Continue reading

The Rainbow Mystery

The Rainbow Mystery by Jennifer Dussling; illustrated by Barry Gott Physical Science/Rainbows Colors on the loose? Rainbows suddenly appear and disappear on Annie’s wall! Find out how she and her sidekick Mike hunt down the clues and solve the mystery. … Continue reading

Monster Bug

Monster Bug by Linda Hayward; illustrated by Diane Palmisciano Physical Science/Shadows Jenna and Kyle are tired of being tricked by the big kids—and the Monster Bug is the last straw. Finally, it’s payback time! Suggested Ages: 6-8 Interest Level: Grades … Continue reading

A Moldy Mystery

A Moldy Mystery by Michelle Knudsen; illustrated by Barry Gott Life Science/Mold It’s gross! It’s aliiive! After a moldy mix-up, Jeff has to do the unthinkable—and fast! Suggested Ages: 6-8 Interest Level: Grades 1-3 Trim size: 6 1/2” x 9” … Continue reading

Hocus Focus

Hocus Focus by Sarah Willson; illustrated by Amy Wummer Life Science/Vision Jack and Gina do not want to wear their glasses. But they see things more clearly when a class trip almost ends in disaster! Suggested Ages: 6-8 Interest Level: … Continue reading

The Great Shape-Up

The Great Shape-Up by Eleanor May; illustrated by Barry Gott Life Science/Health/Nutrition & Exercise Amelia’s brother, Jay, was a super athlete. Now he’s a super couch-potato! Can she help him shape up in time for soccer tryouts? Suggested Ages: 6-8 … Continue reading

Bubble Trouble

Bubble Trouble by Nat Gabriel; illustrated by John Nez Physical Science/Bubbles It’s not easy to get into the Bubble Club if you can’t blow a bubble—but there’s no stopping Grace. Suggested Ages: 5-7 Interest Level: Grades K-2 Trim size: 6 … Continue reading

Which Way, Wendy?

Which Way, Wendy? by Tennant Redbank; illustrated by Rebecca Thornburgh Geography/Map Symbols Wendy is new in town. She’s too shy to make friends. But a special map might help her–if only she can figure out how to read it! Suggested … Continue reading

Tara Pays Up!

Tara Pays Up! by Kirsten Larsen; illustrated by Paige Billin-Frye Civics/Taxes To buy a really cool T-shirt, Tara makes a deal with her big sister. Is it worth the price? Suggested Ages: 6-8 Interest Level: Grades 1-3 Trim size: 6 … Continue reading