Javier’s Hummingbird

Javier’s Hummingbird by Laura Driscoll; illustrated by Bob Ostrom Solids/Liquids/Gases Javier has been waiting all winter for the hummingbirds to return. But one of them arrives early, while the weather is still cold. It’s up to Javier to figure out … Continue reading

The Space Rock Mystery

The Space Rock Mystery by Lydia Lukidis; illustrated by Shirley Ng-Benitez Rocks & Minerals “This rock is totally from outer space!” At least that’s what Kaleo thinks when he picks up an amazing rock on the beach. Finding out more … Continue reading

Take Me to Your Weeder

#3 Take Me to Your Weeder by Kimberly Morris; illustrated by Jessica Warrick Character trait: Responsibility Everybody loves the class vegetable garden—except Jack. He doesn’t want to pick beans. He doesn’t even want to take care of the class hamster … Continue reading

The Rainbow Mystery

The Rainbow Mystery by Jennifer Dussling; illustrated by Barry Gott Physical Science/Rainbows Colors on the loose? Rainbows suddenly appear and disappear on Annie’s wall! Find out how she and her sidekick Mike hunt down the clues and solve the mystery. … Continue reading

Monster Bug

Monster Bug by Linda Hayward; illustrated by Diane Palmisciano Physical Science/Shadows Jenna and Kyle are tired of being tricked by the big kids—and the Monster Bug is the last straw. Finally, it’s payback time! Suggested Ages: 6-8 Interest Level: Grades … Continue reading

A Moldy Mystery

A Moldy Mystery by Michelle Knudsen; illustrated by Barry Gott Life Science/Mold It’s gross! It’s aliiive! After a moldy mix-up, Jeff has to do the unthinkable—and fast! Suggested Ages: 6-8 Interest Level: Grades 1-3 Trim size: 6 1/2” x 9” … Continue reading

Hocus Focus

Hocus Focus by Sarah Willson; illustrated by Amy Wummer Life Science/Vision Jack and Gina do not want to wear their glasses. But they see things more clearly when a class trip almost ends in disaster! Suggested Ages: 6-8 Interest Level: … Continue reading