Super Specs

Super Specs
by Laura Driscoll; illustrated by Barry Gott
Number Patterns
Molly’s little brother believes she has super x-ray vision. Is Molly really wearing super specs?

Suggested Ages: 5-7
Interest Level: Grades K-2
Trim size: 6 1/2” x 9” Pages: 32
Book features: Full-color, original illustrations
978-1-57565-145-3, Paperback
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Praise for Super Specs:
"A good supplement to math units, this brightly illustrated paperback also offers a bit of moral support to the many children who wear glasses."—ALA Booklist

"Molly, a young girl who gets glasses, outsmarts her younger brother by showing him that she has super x-ray vision. (Eddie doesn’t know that she’s using number patterns to trick him. This would be a good book for parents of primary-age children and for the primary classroom library."—Carol Robitschek, Primary Teacher, Brevard County, Satellite Beach, FL

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