A Real Live Pet

A Real Live Pet
by Lydia Lukidis; illustrated by Craig Cameron
Living vs. Nonliving Things
JJ’s little sister, Nala, loves her pet stick. But JJ wants a real pet for his birthday. So when he catches a frog at the pond, he’ll do anything to keep it—but will his parents let him?

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Suggested Ages: 5-7
Interest Level: Grades K-2
Trim size: 6 1/2” x 9” Pages: 32
Book features: Discussion Points; Full-Color Illustrations; Hands-On Activities; Looking Back Section; Note to Adults; Note to Teachers; Original Artwork; Sidebars

978-1-63592-009-3, Paperback
978-1-63592-010-9, E-book
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Interior art from Snowball Run

Praise for A Real Live Pet:
"Tells a fun story filled with interesting science topics, facts, skills, and can be enjoyed by independent readers or read aloud to younger students. Highly recommended."—Children’s Bookwatch

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