The Rainbow Mystery

The Rainbow Mystery
by Jennifer Dussling; illustrated by Barry Gott
Physical Science/Rainbows
Colors on the loose? Rainbows suddenly appear and disappear on Annie’s wall! Find out how she and her sidekick Mike hunt down the clues and solve the mystery.

Suggested Ages: 6-8
Interest Level: Grades 1-3
Trim size: 6 1/2” x 9” Pages: 32
Book features: Full-color, original illustrations
978-1-57565-119-4, Paperback
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Praise for The Rainbow Mystery:
"A tremendous amount of scientific data is provided in simple terms. Children reading this story won’t even realize they are learning because of its interesting format. Highly recommended."—Science and Children, National Science Teachers Association

"Wonderful crayon box colors, diverse characters, a breezy style, a confident narrator, and a clever mystery!"—Nancy Roser, Professor of Language and Literacy Studies University of Texas, Austin

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