Polly Porcupine’s Painting Prizes

Get fun activitiesPolly Porcupine’s Painting Prizes
by Barbara deRubertis; illustrated by R.W. Alley
Alphabet Letter Sounds / Letter P
Polly Porcupine has a painting problem. Her paintings are sloppy and drippy-and Papa Porcupine does NOT appreciate the mess. Can Polly solve her problem and paint a picture for the art show at the same time?

Interest Level: Ages: 3–8
Trim size: 8.5” x 8.5” Pages: 32
Book features: Full-Color Illustrations, Activities Page

978-1-57565-337-2 Library Binding
978-1-57565-328-0 Paperback
978-1-57565-380-8 E-Book
978-1-57565-409-6 Audio CD

Praise for Polly Porcupine’s Painting Prizes:
"With an allure to alliteration, author Barbara deRubertis brings young readers an educational and humorous treat with “Animal Antics A to Z”, following the adventures of Alpha Betty’s class and their letter driven dilemmas, emphasizing letter sounds throughout the stories. Readers will enjoy the sing song nature of the books, as well as the excellently complementary art style from R.W. Alley."—Midwest Book Review (for books K-R in Animal Antics A to Z)

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