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#9 Planet of the Eggs
by Lisa Harkrader; illustrated by Jessica Warrick
Character trait: Patience

Shhhh, Newton has a secret. He’s going to bring something special to Farm Day—a brand new baby chick! Or Newton hopes he’ll have a chick. Spork keeps asking when the egg is going to hatch. He even offers to speed it up. Newton is torn. . . . Why is waiting so hard?

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Interest Level: 6–9
Trim size: 5 1/8″ x 7 9/16″ Pages: 64
Book features: Galaxy Scout Activities, Original Illustrations

978-1-63592-017-8 Library Binding
978-1-63592-018-5 Paperback
978-1-63592-019-2 E-Book

Interior art from Planet of the Eggs

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