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Welcome to our Mouse Math activities page for all your at-home and in-school activity needs!

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Albert Adds Up! cover Albert Adds Up!: Adding/Taking Away

Fair is Fair! Albert Doubles the Fun: Adding Doubles

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Fair is Fair! Albert Helps Out: Counting Money

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Albert is NOT Scared Albert is NOT Scared: Direction Words

Albert Keeps Score Albert Keeps Score: Comparing Numbers

Albert's Amazing Snail Albert’s Amazing Snail: Position Words

Albert's BIGGER Than Big Idea Albert’s BIGGER Than Big Idea: Comparing Sizes: Big/Small

Albert the Muffin-Maker Albert the Muffin-Maker: Ordinal Numbers

Albert Starts School Albert Starts School: Days of the Week

A Beach for Albert A Beach for Albert: Capacity

Fair is Fair! Bravo, Albert!: Patterns

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Count Off, Squeak Scouts! Count Off, Squeak Scouts!: Number Sequence

If the Shoe Fits If the Shoe Fits: Nonstandard Units of Measurement

Lost in the Mouseum Lost in the Mouseum: Left/Right

Make a Wish, Albert! Make a Wish, Albert!: 3-D Shapes

Mice on Ice Mice on Ice: 2-D Shapes

The Mousier the Merrier! The Mousier the Merrier!: Counting

A Mousy Mess cover A Mousy Mess: Sorting

The Right Place for Albert The Right Place for Albert: One-to-One Correspondence

Fair is Fair! Where’s Albert?: Counting & Skip Counting

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