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Welcome to our Math Matters activities page for all your at-home and in-school activity needs!

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All Aboard! All Aboard!: Schedules

Ask Mia Ask Mia: Pictographs

Bad Luck Brad Bad Luck Brad: Probability

The Blast-off Kid The Blast-Off Kid: Place Value

Carrie Measures Up Carrie Measures Up: Measurement/Length

Chickens on the Move Chickens on the Move: Perimeter

Clean-Sweep Campers Clean-Sweep Campers: Fractions

A Collection for Kate A Collection for Kate: Addition

Count on Pablo Count on Pablo: Counting and Skip Counting

Deena's Lucky Penny Deena’s Lucky Penny: Money

Everybody Wins! Everybody Wins!: Division

Fair is Fair! Fair is Fair!: Bar Graphs

Fair is Fair! A Fishy Mystery: Venn Diagrams

  • Activities coming soon
Grandma's Button Box Grandma’s Button Box: Sorting

Henry Keeps Score Henry Keeps Score: Comparing

It's About Time, Max! It’s About Time, Max!: Time

Keep Your Distance! Keep Your Distance!: Measurement/Distance

Kitten Castle Kitten Castle: Geometry/3-D Shapes

Fair is Fair! Let’s Go, Snow!: Temperature Measurement

  • Activities coming soon
Lights Out! Lights Out!: Subtraction

The Long Wait The Long Wait: Estimation

Lulu's Lemonade Lulu’s Lemonade: Liquid Measure

Mac & Cheese, Pleeeeze! Mac & Cheese, Pleeeeze!: Mental Math

Math Fair Blues Math Fair Blues: Geometry/2-D Shapes

The 100-Pound Problem The 100-Pound Problem: Weight

Fair is Fair! Otto and the New Girl: Symmetry

  • Activities coming soon
Play Date Play Date: Calendar

Fair is Fair! Project Popcorn: Mean/Median/Mode/Range

  • Activities coming soon
Ruby Makes It Even Ruby Makes It Even: Odd/Even

Sam's Sneaker Squares Sam’s Sneaker Squares: Area

Slowpoke Sam’s Slowpoke: Elapsed Time

Stacks of Trouble Stacks of Trouble: Multiplication

Super Specs Super Specs: Number Patterns

A Thousand Theos A Thousand Theos: Doubling

Tightwad Tod Tightwad Tod: Using Money

Too-Tall Tina Too-Tall Tina: Comparing Measurements

What's Next, Nina? What’s Next, Nina?: Patterns

Where's Harley? Where’s Harley?: Ordinal Numbers

Where's That Bone? Where’s That Bone?: Position Words/Maps

Who's Got Spots? Who’s Got Spots?: Organizing Data

X Marks the Spot! X Marks the Spot!: Coordinate Graphing

The Yum-Yum House The Yum-Yum House: Finding Unknowns