Dear Librarian,

My emerging readers keep asking for books they can read all by themselves. But they want good stories!

My class is learning about graphs. Do you have some good stories in which kids are actually making and using graphs?

I’m preparing a science lesson on simple machines this week, and I want to introduce the topic with a fun story.

We’re studying the judicial system in social studies class.
Can you recommend some storybooks that show kid characters using rules and laws in everyday life?

Illustration from The Rainbow Mystery

Illustration from The Rainbow Mystery

When I was an elementary school teacher, I collaborated with our school librarian, Fran, to find books that not only had kid appeal but also connected to my lesson plans. Fran and I both felt that youngsters have an easier time relating what they learn in school to what they observe in the world around them when they can make those connections in the context of a fun story. I believe it was this experience that influenced my decision to publish books for children.

Kane Press books are written for children ages 3 to 11 and may be read aloud, read by kids with help, or read independently. Stories focus on topics of interest to children and feature relatable characters that face kid-sized dilemmas or mysteries that need to be solved. Readers grow to know and love the recurring characters in several of our fiction series. And our nonfiction titles will help young learners find parallels between history and their own lives. With all of our titles correlated to CCSS, we make it easier for educators to make their libraries and media centers focal points for connecting all the disciplines.

At Kane Press our goal is to create books are engaging, motivating, and satisfying, thus ensuring that children will check them out again and again.


Joanne E. Kane