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How to Be an Earthling series

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Dear classmates,

I’ve always been the expert on outer space in my class. I didn’t think anyone knew more than me about the planets, but then Spork showed up. I have to learn more—let’s do some research!

Your friend, Jack

Dear classmates,

I couldn’t believe all of the creatures we saw in the tank at the aquarium. If you could choose fish for an aquarium, what would you pick? I know I would definitely include a squid!

Your friend, Trixie

Dear classmates,

Spork knows nothing about Earth plants—especially the pinecone he tried to eat. I’m not an expert gardener myself, so I need your help to teach Spork about how plants grow.

Your friend, Newton

Dear classmates,

Every day Spork has so many questions for me about life on Earth. I am doing my best to teach him everything I know—like how to braid dandelion stems and how to be brave in front of a crowd. What things do you think are important for Spork to know about life on Earth?

Your friend, Grace