Dear Family,

Illustration from Follow That Clue!

Illustration from Follow That Clue!

Reading + knowledge = literacy!

In today’s world the importance of literacy cannot be overstated. Information comes at us daily from many different directions and in an ever-widening variety of formats. Reading aloud to children and talking with them as they explore pictures and words are key to developing and strengthening their literacy skills.

At Kane Press, we strive to combine good stories with content that will give kids a jumpstart on their education before they even set foot in a classroom. With our fiction and nonfiction titles, our intent is to provide children with a variety of ways to connect reading with learning and learning with fun!

Kane Press achieves this goal by:

  • combining authentic curriculum content with engaging storylines to intrigue and motivate even the most reluctant readers;
  • presenting characters who face a wide variety of kid-sized dilemmas and who use math, science, or social studies skills to arrive at clever and often humorous solutions;
  • portraying diverse characters who display positive behaviors, such as respect, cooperation, responsibility, and fairness;
  • providing fun activities in the backs of the books and online to encourage and motivate children to think, talk, and write about what they have discovered through reading.

Setting aside a few minutes each day to read to children or to have them read to siblings and friends is a terrific way to help them develop a life-long love of reading. It is our hope that Kane Press books will help youngsters see that in the world around them, there is always something new to investigate and something exciting to discover.


Joanne E. Kane