Let’s Celebrate Memorial Day

Let’s Celebrate Memorial Day by Barbara deRubertis On the last Monday of May, when spring flowers are in bloom and summer is just around the corner, we celebrate Memorial Day by remembering all the brave men and women in our … Continue reading

Let’s Celebrate Independence Day

Let’s Celebrate Independence Day by Barbara deRubertis Every 4th of July, we celebrate the United States of America, the “land of the free.” Learn the story of our country’s beginnings and of how our courageous Founding Fathers broke away from … Continue reading

Let’s Celebrate Labor Day

Let’s Celebrate Labor Day by Barbara deRubertis Everyone loves celebrating Labor Day weekend–it’s the “last hurrah” of summer, with parades and picnics and fun. But on the first Monday of September, we remember the true meaning of the holiday: to … Continue reading

Let’s Celebrate Constitution Day

Let’s Celebrate Constitution Day by Barbara deRubertis On September 17 every year, we remember the signing of the Constitution by our Founders who fought, struggled, argued, and compromised to secure the freedoms we
now enjoy. On that day, we also celebrate … Continue reading

Let’s Celebrate Presidents’ Day

Let’s Celebrate Presidents’ Day by Barbara deRubertis; illustrated by Thomas Sperling The stories of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln are told in a single book not only to celebrate the important February holiday but to compare and contrast the lives … Continue reading