The Case of the Diamonds in the Desk (Book #8)

The Case of the Diamonds in the Desk (Book #8)
by Lewis B. Montgomery; illustrated by Amy Wummer
Super Sleuthing Skills: Observe, Think Logically, Draw Conclusions, Work Backward
A jewelry store is robbed. A diamond necklace mysteriously shows up in Milo’s desk at school. The connection is crystal clear…isn’t it? Detective duo Milo and Jazz tackle their eighth case in this exciting mystery!
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Suggested Ages: 7-11
Trim size: 5 1/8” x 7 9/16” Pages: 96
Book features: Original illustrations
978-1-57565-392-1 Library Binding
978-1-57565-391-4 Paperback
978-1-57565-393-8 E-book

Praise for The Case of the Diamonds in the Desk:
“Sprightly black-and-white, pen-and-ink spot illustrations enliven the brief chapters, which are filled with earnest, clever kids being funny—and, more importantly, smart. As always, the book ends with some of the most enjoyable stuff of all: Super Sleuthing Strategies, a series of highly enjoyable brain teasers.”—Booklist

“Embellished with whimsical pencil and ink illustrations, The Case of the Diamonds in the Desk continues to dazzle in a parade of fun, fast-moving sequences of events that merge to spiral into a perfectly planned mystery for kids to untangle. Especially effective tactics included working backwards to solve the mystery, and diagraming the evidence and time sequences.”—Children’s Bookwatch

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