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Animal Antics A to Z

Learn about letters and enjoy the adventures of Alpha Betty’s zany class! Winner of two Teachers’ Choice Awards.
(Ages 3–8)

From the Pilgrims to Martin Luther King Jr., Holidays & Heroes brings to life the amazing people and stories behind the holidays we celebrate.
(Ages 6–10)

Earthlings are weird—just ask an alien! Explore positive character traits along with Spork the alien and his Earthling friends! Moonbeam Gold Medal winner.
(Ages 6–9)

Fifteen zany characters in fifteen rollicking, rhyming stories will make phonics fun for every beginning reader.
(Ages 4–8)

Practice math and reading together with cheerfully illustrated stories that make math fun and relatable. Teachers’ Choice Award winner.
(Ages 5–8)

Mystery! Humor! Problem Solving! Detectives-in-training Milo & Jazz track down clues, stake out suspects, and save the day.
(Ages 7–11)

Say CHEESE! Spunky mouse characters Albert & Wanda capture kids’ imaginations as the mice learn about numbers, shapes, sizes, and more.
(Ages 4 & up)

Exciting stories with a true science connection! Young readers will be inspired by the characters in each story as they solve kid-sized mysteries and dilemmas.
(Ages 5–8)

History, geography, economics, civics, and culture come alive with engaging stories and relatable kid characters!
(Ages 5–8)